Aerosmith – New Album! [Video]

The Bad Boys from Boston is how Aerosmith is called sometimes, they have rocked actually for 40 years! Finally with the new album Music From Another Dimension coming up August 28 (In UK august 27). We’ve been waiting quite a long time since Honkin’ on Bobo was released in 2004. This album will be their nr 15! It’s been produced by Jack Douglas, the one behind 1975’s Toys In The Attic.

Joe Perry (guitar) said: “The record’s gonna sound modern and hi-fi. We’re not sitting around going, ‘We’re gonna do ‘Night In The Ruts’ again or ‘Rocks’ again’. We want to make a modern sounding record, but the main thing is the energy that the early records had.”

New Single Legendary Child Live at American Idol (May 24)

/Viktoria Colonna


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