Pär Sundström – [Sabaton]

Sabaton, one of the most famous power-metal band from Sweden, is stronger more than ever after the release of the new album Carolus Rex a new members set-up and a very successful tour! Pär Sundtröm (bass-guitar) has been with Sabaton since the beginning in 1999, through all the ups & downs, all shows and album making. Now straight in the middle of their summer tour.

Hi Pär! How are you doing? Besides that I got a terrible coughing that never let go I am great!

The last time I saw you was at Metaltown, great concert! How was the audience and the welcoming for you? It was amazing, a great welcome. We were a bit curious how they would react with the new lineup but we had no reason to be worried.

This spring hasn’t been easy for Sabaton with 4 members leaving, but at Metaltown it seemed that the new members fit very naturally and they are great musicians, how did you menage to find them so fast? We could not have open auditions so we had to ask around to our closest friends and colleagues if they knew someone. It was the best way since we did not need to go through a lot of people. The drummer we knew since way before since he is from our hometown and actually already played in Sabaton for a few shows when our old drummer was sick.

How has the response of the fans been about the “new” Sabaton? Great, in the beginning some people were afraid that it wont be as good, but now everyone who comes to the shows see that it’s actually better. Some people will always be living in a bubble and hate changes.

I can assume it should feel like a fresh start for Sabaton now even with a new album in Swedish, how does it feel for you? It feels better than since a very long time. I have found a lost energy and some great new friends. There was something that was dying in the old Sabaton which is now gone and left is just a promising future.

About the new album Carolus Rex, how did the idea come up of making it in Swedish too? Me and Joakim had some ideas to make at least parts of songs in Swedish but later we thought it sounded so cool so we decided to have the whole album sung in Swedish too. After we recorded it we knew that there will be lots of people who will refuse to hear it in English after this.

What song do you like the most of Carolus Rex? and Why? I love the title track, its one of the most fantastic tracks to play live.

Sabaton’s lyrics are most of all about war and real historical events. Do you have to do several history research or are you guys Really good at history? We are not good at history so we must do a lot of research. On the Carolus Rex album we had the help of a historian called Bengt Liljegren who is an expert on the subject Swedish Empire and Charles XII (Carolus Rex). Without him it would not have been possible.

Falun (Dalarna) where Sabaton is from, it’s in a region known for its folk music. What do think about folk music? I like folk music, they have a great sense of melodies and I find that very important in music.

Which artists/bands not rock/hardrock do you enjoy listening to? Cranberries, Roxette and some country music.

It looks like a very busy tour for Sabaton this summer, all over Europe. Do you personally have a special place where you like to go? I love touring the United Kingdom, its dirty and tough but also a lot of fun. After that I love the eastern Europe. It’s always an adventure there and the crowd is fantastic.

And between all this traveling how do you relax? If you have time to do it ;) I do not relax.

What do you do beside playing the bass guitar? Managing the band, that’s my main job.

….Are you as kind and friendly as you look like? Yes, sounds strange to say it but I have never been aggressive, yelled or shouted in my life. I do not believe in such. And I have a lot of fun, that’s why I am always so happy!

/Viktoria Colonna


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