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Mustasch is a heavy metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They formed 1998 so they have indeed a long rock history, they even won two grammis in 2007 and 2009 for best hard rock’s album. David Johannesson joined the band in 2008 after the former guitarist Hannes Hansson left because of personal matters. With the new album Sounds like Hell, Looks like Heaven, Mustasch is going more than great this year. Here you can enjoy a brief interview with David.

How are you today David?
I’m really good! Me and Stam are in the studio and doing great stuff, and of course drinking beers.
Are you havin’ a busy summer with all the festivals and gigs?
We have about ten gigs during the summer and we´re going to the states on Saturday, so we are always busy.
Many festivals have really cold nights, how do you warm up before a concert?
Brush our teeth and have a shot.
What can you tell us about the new album “Sounds like Hell, Looks like
Heaven” ?
We recorded it ourselves and Ralf produced it. Stefan Glaumann mixed it and It sold Gold in 10 days.
Into a guitarist perspective what is new and what is traditional than the
other albums?
We did everything ourselves this time. We had new speakers and amplifiers that we never had used before. We only have two guitars on each song. It’s very common today that it has 6-10 guitar / song.
Did you contribute on writing songs/music on this album?
Yes. It´s Never Too Late and Destroyed By Destruction.
How did all started, I mean, how did you become interested in playing
I’ve always been interested in playing drums but when me and a friend was going to play he had the drums and I had a guitar. So I took the guitar.
Do you also remember the first album you bought?
Yes, it was two. Balls to the wall with Accept and Too Fast for Love with Mötley crue
Are you self-taught guitarist or did you take formal lessons?
You started to play with Mustasch in 2008, what did you do before that?
I was a carpenter and played with a band called Sparzanza.
Would you change anything about your music career so far?
I would have liked to play drums in a band.
What advice would you give to other aspiring guitarists out there?
Try to find your own style and not copy from everyone else. It is damn hard, I know…

I will certainly look forward to seeing Mustasch and David at Getaway Rock Festival next week in Gävle, Sweden! Even with the drums in his heart, he’s a formidable guitarist, so keep on rockin’!
Read about Mustasch on their website HERE

/Viktoria Colonna

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