Mats Johansson [Mustasch]

Mustasch is a swedish hardrock band filled with attitude. You can surely have in mind their great hits such Black City (2003) and Double Nature (2007). I thought about a new fresh start of this site with some fun company of Mustasch’s bass player Mats Johansson, so I asked him some questions:

If you should choose, what animal would you like to be, and why?
Parrot. Sitting on a false Pirat’s shoulder and annoying tourists would be a sufficiently bearable life for me.

What is your most  embarrassing moment while you were on tour? It must be when we played at the opening act for Motörhead in Europe. The first time I was introduced to Lemmy was when I, him and Dirty Dave shared a taxi to the afterparty, and I said “Hi Lemmy, I’m here with the bass player of Mustasch,” instead of “I am the bass player of …“. Moderately funny in my nervousness, but Lemmy laughed loud anyway.

What song describes you the most as a person?Hard to say, but because I’m sort of a fatalist, it becomes “Killed by Death” by Motörhead. If you are murdered by death, how much more dead can you be? The answer is nothing, no more death.

What do you prefer to order at the pub and why? It’s obviously depends of the mood and the matter of time, but when I have drunk for a few days it is often a strong shot along with a soda water. The idea is that after you drink both you get to order a new round. Water and alcohol in symbiosis get an outstanding result.

Can you dance?I imagine that many people neither know or believe it, but I actually took some courses in tango after I lived in Spain for a couple of years ago, so the answer is yes!

/Viktoria Colonna

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