Sean Tibbetts – An Interview

Sean Tibbetts is the current bass guitarist in the symphonic power metal band Kamelot. Just last year he rejoined the band after a long brake since 1992. He was there since the beginning and it’s amazing that he is back as an original member even if he has replaced time to time Glenn Barry before the official replacement for the reason that Glenn couldn’t be able to be there for family issues. Sean, has also played for Wykked Wytch and Royal Anguish.
Kamelot has been on the road from the begining of this year with many shows in Europe, they are having a huge summer festival tour and they are waiting for the upcoming North & South American tour this fall! The new CD Poetry For The Poisoned will be released already in September!

I had a great interview with Sean Tibbetts himself!

It’s been more than a year since you rejoined Kamelot. How are things going this far?

Life is good and things have been going better then ever. This past year has been packed full of amazing shows, one after another. It just keeps getting better. There has been alot of preparation for the CD and we are all very excited about the near future.

You were indeed there from the beginning, how did you guys meet and how did Kamelot come to life in the first place?

Thomas (guitarist) , Mark (former vocalist) and Richard (the original drummer) had been play together before I came into the picture. When they decided it was time to bring a bassist in, they placed an ad in a local music mag. I had been touring with a circuit band called Bratz when I read the ad. Bratz was more of a pop band playing rock and dance music. My heart has always been in metal so it once I heard the music it was an easy leap. We spoke on the phone where I asked them to come see me play at one of our shows, we talked a little after the show and I think it was about a week later I was playing in Kamelot.

How was your relationship with Kamelot and how it developed through the years while not playing with them?

Thomas, Mark and myself had remained friends over the years even after Mark had left the band, that is probably why when Glenn needed a break I was the person Thom asked to fill in. I was really happy to see the success they had and was happy to do it.

What has been your biggest challenge as a musician?

Well truthfully I can’t say there is any “one” big challenge. Being a professional musician there are so many challenges to over come it is never ending. Most people think it’s all fun and big parties but it is more work then you would imagine. You truly have to to live for ever moment of this. What most people consider normal life and the thing you take for granted are the very things you as a musician will give up and sacrifice. That is a lot easier said then done.

You are in the middle of a big tour. Do you have a favorite place where you enjoy to play more?

Well I can’t think of any shows in Europe I didn’t like playing. The European crowds are just so into music I love playing here in Europe. I would say my favorite would be Holand, Norway and Sweden.

What things that you really can’t be without on tour? Aside your bass guitar of course!

My preshow coffee to warm up and a postshow beer to relax after jumping around for an hour and a half (I get a little wound up) haha. Oh and my black wrist band, I’ve worn it for every show for the last ten years. It will probably fall apart one day but I would feel naked without it.

Which bass guitar would you advise a new bass player to buy, and what should He/She think before buying it?

I have been playing Warwick for the last 2 years and their basses have been great. They have a really clean solid tone and I like the way they feel. The 2 basses I have are the best insturments I have ever played. They make every bass I have played in the past feel like a toy. Budget is usually the factor for most players, but if you can spend a little more to get what you really want it is usually the better choice. The more you spend the better the wood and electronics are and with bass it’s all about tone quality sustain.

By the way! Do you still teach bass guitar?

Not so much any more. I have a few old students that I still see but I haven’t had much time over the last year. I may take on some new students after the new year.

Do you have kids, if that so, they play music as well?

Yes I am a proud father, I have one son named Kody. Every person in my family has been gifted with one thing or another. My father was an amazing photographer my uncle Richard plays sax and flute , my sister Holly is an artist, my son plays around a little with his guitar but but his passion is golf. He is really good at it so that is his gift. I wish I could hit that damn ball, I suck at it. He makes it look so easy.

As a kid do you remember what you wanted to become as a grownup?

I remember remember the exact moment. I was 13 years old and had been playing guitar for a year and my mother asked me that same question. I told her I think I want to be a musician. She looked at me and laughed and said ” yeah you and everyone else”. At the time I didn’t understand her comment.

During your life you have seen of course many concerts, which ones are those that gave you the best feeling/memories?

I would have to say Iron Maiden and Dio( RIP ). Their live shows were mind blowing. I mean the music was great that goes without saying but the whole package with the all props, Eddie, lasers and lights just made for the coolist show. Shows like that are not so common any more.

At last, your top 5 “most have” album?

Yngwie Malmsteen – Rising Force
Ozzy Osbourn – Randy Rhoads Tribute
Death – The Sound of Perserverance
Led Zepplin III
Mudayne -LD50

Listen to Kamelot HERE!

/Viktoria Colonna
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