Infernus – An Interview

Roger Tiegs, better known as Infernus, is the founder of the norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth. Principally he plays the lead guitar, but in some of the recording sessions he also does the role of drummer, vocalist and bass player, of course also songwriter. In 2007 with the split of Gaahl and King from Gorgoroth it began the despute of the band name, Gaahl and King wanted to take the name with them and so they did. They continued their music in the name of Gorgoroth but Infernus won the original rights back just last year.

Listen to Gorgoroth HERE!

I found very interesting to interview him:

So in which part of the world are you now? Is it hot like hell? Because here in Italy it is.

Norway. It’s perfect. Cloudy and a bit below 20 degrees Centigrade. Just perfect. I returned from the Regain headquarter two days ago, and there it was a bit too hot for comfort. So I have nothing to complain about.

After an European tour with Gorgoroth you’ll tour in Brazil this late summer and fall, is it different from playing in Europe?

As far as the playing is concerned, it is not much different. But in a bigger perspective, the wholeness of the experience is quite different. Due to the obvious differences in cultural heritage and mentality. I enjoy both and I love to travel. Thus I feel privileged to be able to do exactly what I do: Travel around – in Europe and elsewhere – and perform metal music. In the name of Satan, that is.

A curious question, have you watched the world championship? Brazil would be very blue and in need of aggressive music I assume hehe.

I do not enjoy watching football. Not at all. So I could therefore not care less about the outcome of any football match. Anyway, judging from a pretty strong history of devotion to extreme metal, Brazil seems to keep it going forever, craving musical input accordingly. And judging from my experiences, it has always been a grateful and devoted crowd we have met there and I am pretty confident they have sharpened their senses and are ready for our return this time as well. THAT makes me happy!

Are Gorgoroth working on new materials?

Yes! I have written about 50% of the upcoming album and me and drummer/co-producer Tomas Asklund are working on the material in his studio in Barkarby as often as we can. Every 4th or 5th week.

I saw Gorgoroth at Wacken Open Air 2008, do you have some words for it?

That old story! A story of lies, even more lies and the most transparent of all possible repulsive misconceptions. You are aware of the certain couple of guys who tried to steal the name of my band and who illegally continued to present themselves as members? This lasted for about a year and a half and was finally settled in the courts of Oslo last year. Gorgoroth has not played at Wacken since 1998 and what you might have seen in 2008 was some pretenders to the throne who are now perfectly positioned where they belong: in the past, and well beyond my spheres of interest in regard of any second chances to be given.

But lets know more about you personally, one “original” question : do you own any light colour cloths?

As a matter of fact, I do.

It seems that this July is quite free from tours, are you going for a holyday? Where do you like to travel?

No holidays scheduled for this month. I’ll be stuck in the Bergen area settling some things that have to be dealt with here, then hopefully I’ll get to have some hours of guitar sessions together with our live member 2nd guitarist Skyggen when he’s back from a travel abroad. Then another trip to Sweden doing a few days of studio work. It is busy and does not bear the mark of relaxation, but it’s still good. Close to perfect, I would say. There are a thousand of places I’d like to travel – Cairo, for example – but this just ain’t the right time for it.

By the way! Do you have a family of your own? a partner, kids?

One family, one partner and no kids. Not that I am aware of.

5 tracks that you adore to listen to?

As of today, I listen to Manowar. Pest made me do it. I have been going through a compilation album he made for me in the end of May this year (and some additional stuff) listening to all from “Blood of the Kings” to “Warriors of the World”. And I must admit I have made a mistake. I grew old before understanding the splendour of what these guys have been up to for so long. They, of a few, really seem – for decades – to have somehow understood what many of the so-called black metallers around have failed to capture: the true spirit of Metal! Mea culpa.

And finally do you like strawberry ice-cream?

No, not in particular.

Well. Many Greetings (now from Italy)!

To you too. Have fun and praise hail Satan!

/Viktoria Colonna
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