Moonspell – An interview

What is Moonspell?
“Even I have problems with the answer to this question. Id say we are representing a mixture of horror and beauty, heaviness and melody. The Antidote starts off very brutal and ends very melodic. This way we close the circle. This is moonspell”.
Fernando Ribeiro
Fernando Ribeiro – Vocals
Mike Gaspar – Drums
Pedro Paixão – Keyboard/guitar
Ricardo Amorim – Guitar
Aires Pereira – Bass
Sitting with a cup of coffee I’m listening of Moonspell’s last album Night Eternal. A very 5/5 points CD!
It is really as they are casting a spell in my apartment! Maybe I should make more coffee for fallen angels!?
Anyhow I really hope they will come to Sweden again soon!
Moonspell is warming up with some festival shows before they will start a big tour in the states.
I had the chance to ask some questions to Mike Gaspar:
When was the last time you guys played in Sweden?
It was the Arvika Festival last year. It was a strange festival with many diferent types of music! But we had played there before and we get along great with these kinds of alternative festivals. Summer in Sweden is always great to see!!! he he
How will the upcoming USA tour be?
It starts in October and we are taking with us our great friends and inspiration for years ! The mighty Samael!
Last time we toured with them was 96 in Europe and this will be 13 years since but in the states! The stars are allinged on this one!! I think it will be a great and one of a kind tour.
Which is the ideal setlist?
Well for us it is always difficult to play 30 min 40 even 50 min sets with all the albums we have and history.
So perfect is of course when we can headline and go through our new album and all the best songs the fans want to hear, making the show one big celebration that is just between us and the people who are in front of us. Like a ritual that starts and ends with a bang and some kind of memory to take home and remember forever!! That’s the Moonspell’s way!
Are Moonspell planning some new material?
At the moment we are doing many shows and maybe doing an acoustic album for Portugal . Still not clear but the idea is in the air. For sure we will have some new material for the next year and release it . We did a great album, Night Eternal, so we feel we really have to push ourselves to live up to it.
Which songs on Night Eternal do you like the most?
Well the title track is awsome because of the combination of sweet and angelic voices giving you a soothing reaction to then go for the extreme of pure agression with such a great balance! Pure goth on Death Metal ! he he
Is Metal very popular in Portugal?
It has always been a subculture but a bit hidden and badly viewed by society . Things changed a lot with the 90’s and it is a lot more acceptable but still lacks the history of many other countries. But compared to places like India, China, Marrocos etc. We are very fortunate and we understand a bit what it is like to love metal and not having any shows or access to the music. Internet changed this a lot and metal is now a lot more universal and the portuguese have developed also side by side.
As a drummer which are the drummer/s you admire and inspire you the most?
When i was 8 guys like Alex Van Halen and Tommy Lee changed my world! They were just perfect and had so much energy. Something that inspired my own playing.
As i got older drummers like Pete Sandoval, Gene Hoglan, Donald Tardy and many other great Death Metal drummers is what really excited me and all I ever wanted was to be as good as them behind a kit with a great band!
These days so many diferent drummers have inspired me and I always look out for the good qualities in them and try to enjoy it and maybe even learn from it!
Do you have any other projects outside Moonspell?
Well Fernando has many projects but I am very much a one band kinda person and I want to be ready and always do my best possible performance. This takes a lot out of me ’cause drums are very intense and I have been in bands since I was 14 and now I’m 33! he he
So I try to stay in shape and I have developed a love for Taekwondo and Bodybuilding. Even to the point were I am now a 3rd Dan and Instructor and give classes and train regularly when we are off tour! I also was a gym teacher but i found that it took to much out of me ! So I train for myself and help friends when ever needed! I also learned a lot of Physiotherapy and this comes in great hands when we’re on tour and someone has a big problem!! Doctor Mike comes in!!! ha ha
And check out Moonspell‘s unbelieveble great website! HERE !
/Viktoria Colonna
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