Metallica – Keep On Rocking!

Tonight at 11: 35 pm will Metallica make a show at one-day Sonisphere festival in Hultsfred (Sweden). Many people are at the place (Not me unfortunately) and it will be very interesting to read the different reviews of the show tomorrow. Sometimes a concert can be liked very much or very critized. It is sad that I can’t be there and watch the gig with my own eyes and to get an own opinion.
In an interview with Metallica’s drummer Lars Ulrich in Aftonbladet, Lars says that Metallica will play until they can’t no more stay on their own feet! Isn’t it great?
Not just because Metallica is now a legendary band that wrote many hits but I love their love and dedication to music.
Many people think that musicians after 20 or more years of music should just retire. Most think of that because the music changes and the old fans don’t like it and also because “the band” becomes old and doesn’t sound like the past years.
Of course they can’t always sound the same! A person change with the age!
Of course they don’t always want to make the same music, time and style change with the years!
Many should admire a band that doesn’t quit just for the age. Many should be inspired of the devotion to a job.
Then there are bands that after many years really sound awfull but many of them just have the courage to change style even if a lot of criticism come along.
No one should give up a passion. And I think Metallica as many other great veteran bands should really play on the stage even if they just sit down!



/Viktoria Colonna
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