Rockweekend Part 1

There is something magical about Music Festivals. When good music meet great people in so many different circumstances it is exciting and full of surprises. You never know if you will meet someone that you haven’t met since forever or if you will get to know new wonderful people! At festivals you have the chance to discover new great bands and watch musicians that you have listen to since you were a little kid.
Like last year I was thrilled to be in Kilafors (Sweden) atRockweekend last week.

It was very different though. Last year it was the first time that Rockweekend was on and this year I think it developed a little too fast.
Last time Rockweekend was a small festival with only few bands and it took place near a mansion and the lake. It was cozy and nice. It had a tender atmosphere that made you feel at home.
This year Rockweekend took a much bigger step than it could handle. The festival moved in a whole different area, away from houses and the lake and it was very clumsy to move from a festival’s location to another. The ugly rainy weather didnt’ make things go easier. It was mud all over and my feet just disappeared under the ground when I walked! It is sad that you can’t make arrangements with nature. Rain should have visited Kilafors a week later.

Thursday in the rain


Great sound and loud enough
The camping area was near the festival area
Toilets were more clean than at many other festivals
Good price on alcoholic beverage.
Very polite people that worked at the festival
The bands played at perfect schedule time.
Many great bands at the same time
Good food at normal price


Few toilets in the camping area
Bad entries from the camping area to the festial area.
It was like a labiryinth in the festival area, there should have been more open spaces.
The two scenes outside had the same name. A bit difficult to know which bands play at which scene.
The parking place was too expensive.
The litte festival guide book was not free
The VIP area was nothing “unique” compared to the normal festival area.

It is almost 50/50 of good and bad opinions but I think a good sunny weather and better organisation would have made things easier. It was raining only one day of three but the mud was there most of the time! There was so many great bands that I didn’t mind so much to be frustrated about small things.
The quality of the bands was gorgeous and fantastic!

I started the festival with Machinery, Seventh Wonder and Dreamland,  three young swedish bands that beyond all the grey weather in the RockKlassiker’s tent made the best of it. (I will come back this week with concert reviews and some small chats).

WOLF  (17:40 Open Air Stage)  + + + +

Photo of Viktor Wallström

I really adore these guys!
They are relaxed but at the same time uploaded and they play true classic heavy metal!
The singer and guitarist Niklas Stålvind gives the best of his symphaty and he has a great, light and pure energic voice that cut the heavy rain right through it.
They played songs for early albums, from “Black Flame” and the new CD “Ravenous”.
The new song “Voodoo” made most of the crowd sing-a-long and even entirely when the well known hit from The Black Flame “I Will Kill Again” started!

Helahalsingland, ST

/Viktoria Colonna
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