Crash [HEAT] – 5 Questions

Småland is a very cozy and charming piece of the south-east of Sweden. Now I’m in Oskarshamn by the sea and the weather is amazing, 20°c. In this cute little city many small music events take place time to time. In July will HEAT, the new Upplands Väsby-band that brings the 80’s glamrock back, make a show here!

Crash, the drummer of HEAT is very excited about this summer tour and I just asked him some questions!

You have been around and played a lot, how was Sweden Rock Festival?

Yes, Sweden Rock Festival was cold and rainy but even though there were many people listening to our show. I saw Talisman‘s final concert last year but the crowd was bigger at our gig. Almost unreal but so much fun!!

What is your best recovering tip?I dont know! Just faceing it. I don’t usually get so much worn out, maybe because I work out much and my condition is good!

Are you loaded for the festivalsummer? Many shows coming up this summer?

It’s full with shows. This week-end was the only free week-end this summer!

What do you do when you don’t play music? How does your day look like?

I work out pretty much. Jogging is the favorite! But I go to the gym between the rounds! I’m learning the guitar very well so I ‘m sitting and writing / playing songs. Master of Puppets is the next goal! And I do some modeling too.

When did you begin to play drums? Do you play any other instuments?

I have played the drums in 10 years, guitar next!!!

Which song fits you the most?

Hah! The Heretic Anthem of Slipknot!

Which was the best show that you had?

Sweden Rock Festival 2008! It was magical!

Besides HEAT’s success, what do you wish in the future?

Learn to fly a plane!

…And a “must” question:
How many pair of tights do you have?


/Viktoria Colonna

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