Sugizo + X Japan = True!

Sugizo har nu blivit den 6:e medlemen i X-Japan, faktum som de flesta har nog förväntat sig på grund av den gamla vänskapen mellan Yoshiki och Sugizo (med bandet SKIN) och samarbeten under alla dessa åren.
Här är brevet som Sugizo själv har skrivit för alla lyssnare och fansen:

There’s something I want to tell you: I, SUGIZO, am officially joining X JAPAN.
I know that you all have conflicting opinions about this,
but this decision is one that I finally arrived at after thinking about it over and over since last year.

As YOSHIKI, the leader of X JAPAN said, the main reason for getting the band back together is for the band’s aesthetic perfection – in other words, to end things as beautifully as possible.
And until then, he said that he wanted to fulfill that long-held dream of worldwide success.
And I thought that, if one of biggest bands in the history of Japanese rock music needs
my help to fulfill its dreams, if my presence is necessary,
if there’s something I can do, then I am truly honored.

I came to this answer by opening myself as much as possible to feeling
what hide was wishing for from Heaven.

And so just like last year, I’m going to stand on stage with the members of X JAPAN,
and use my body to convey hide’s presence and his very breath.
That’s the reason for me to play with X JAPAN.
And at the same time, how can I accelerate my own sensibilities, my own expressions?
Can I evolve as a guitarist and a performer?
To me, this is also a fantastic chance to have many valuable experiences and to learn all sorts of things.

There’s one more important thing to mention: the fact that no matter where I am, my true home and the place I will return to is LUNA SEA.
No matter what roads I walk from now on, no matter how far I fly away,
LUNA SEA will always be where I belong.
As long as the five of us exist, LUNA SEA will never die.
When the time is right, I want for all of us to stand on stage together,
to proceed into the future as one.
This truth, our fate, our bonds, and the bonds we share with our fans…
nothing will ever change these things.
I think of this fact with great affection, and I am so very thankful as well.

I am in love with music itself and believe that music is what gives me life.
I want to give my body and soul up to making music, to go beyond the framework of genres,
the borders between countries, and the format known as a “band.”
It may be unprecedented, but I want to exist for this purpose alone.

Right now, X JAPAN requires SUGIZO as its sixth member,
and I want to respectfully fulfill their needs.
All I do is give myself up to the flow, to the music itself…
to pour all of myself into that one second. That’s all.

And just like before – no, even more than before –
I plan to devote myself heart and soul to my work as a solo artist,
as part of LUNA SEA, as a member of JUNO REACTOR,
and now as a member of X JAPAN.
And nothing would make me happier than if all my beloved fans
and friends were with me along the way.”

With Love,


Väldigt rörande och starkt brev som fick oss alla speciellt Hides och X-Japans supportrar tårar i ögonen.

/Viktoria Colonna
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