Ronnie Bergerstål [Grave]

Grave was really there from the beginning. Since 1986 until today they have written 10 album of traditional swedish death metal. Last year they just released Endless Procession of Souls by Century Media and they had a terrific tour in North America and Canada with Morbid Angel and Dark Funeral. Ronnie … [...]

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Bullet for My Valentine’s lyric video No Way Out

Here below you can watch Bullet for My Valentine‘s lyric video for the new single No Way Out, from the new album Venom which will be released August 14th.  

Watch Atriarch’s new video Bereavement

Atriarch has released the video of the track Bereavement from the latest album, An Unending Pathway: /Viktoria Colonna

Weedeater stream new song

Weedeater are now streaming a new track taken from their forthcoming full-length ‘Goliathan‘, which has been scheduled for release on May 18th by Season of Mist. The buzzing song “Claw of the Sloth” is exclusively streaming in Europe via Slam – Alternative Music Magazine (AT). / Viktoria Colonna

Forgotten Tomb – stream the new album!

Forgotten Tomb, has released their brand new album this month, on April 17th in Europe (April 21st in North Americ) via Agonia Records. As of today, advance stream of the entire “Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love” record is available, courtesy of Inferno Magazine /Viktoria Colonna

Unleashed’s official lyric video of “Defenders Of Midgard”

Below you can watch Unleashed‘s official lyric video of “Defenders Of Midgard” song from the album Dawn Of The Nine, which will be released April 24 by Nuclear Blast Records. /Viktoria Colonna

Sirenia unleashes first single and music video

Sirenia presents the first single and video “Once My Light” from the album The Seventh Life Path which will be released May 11th in the UK & May 12th US/CAN by Napalm Records. /Viktoria Colonna

Powerwolf just finished the mix of upcoming album

Powerwolf have just finished the mix of their upcoming album Blessed & Possessed at Studio Fredman, with Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd at the helm of the desk. These days Jens Bogren laid final touches to the song, mastering the album at Fascination Street. “We have just had the pleasure to listen to the mastered […]

Hark premiere new video “Palendromeda”

HARK are currently premiering a new video, which was created under the direction of Rhodri Thomas and vocalist/guitarist Jimbob Isaac. The clip for the song “Palendromeda” is taken from the Welsh trio’s album debut ‘Crystalline‘. The video is now exclusively streaming via these official media partners: Spark (CZ) Rockzone (ES) Andfari (FI) Noise (FR) Rocking (GR) Metalitalia (IT) Against […]

Demonical unveil new track

Swedish death metal band Demonical have unveiled a new track Cursed Liberation from their forthcoming EP, Black Flesh Redemption, which is scheduled for April 24th in Europe and May 5th in North America through Agonia Records. Listen to the track HERE /Viktoria Colonna

Drudkh release new song

Drudkh are revealing the second new song taken from their forthcoming full-length ‘A Furrow Cut Short‘, which has been scheduled for release on the 20th of April 2015 by Season of Mist. The track “Cursed Sons II” is now exclusively streaming via these official media partners: Stormbringer (AT) La Grosse Radio (FR) Rocking (GR) Kronos Mortus (HU) Metal […]

Behemoth releases “Messe Noire” video

Here below you can watch the new video of Messe Noire by Behemoth Behemoth recently joined forces with director Zev Deans to compose a video for “Messe Noire” from The Satanist. The Brooklyn based director brings a visually dark and surreal atmosphere to a song and album that is one of Behemoth’s most bleak. To […]

John Garcia releases brand new video!

After his critically acclaimed solo album in summer 2014 via Napalm Records, John Garcia ( Kyuss, Vista Chino, Hermano, Unida, Slow Burn ) has just unveiled a brand new video  for the track ‘Her Bullets Energy‘ featuring legendary guitarist Robby Krieger of The Doors! /Viktoria Colonna

Twisted Sister – says farewell

Twisted Sister has decided to call it quits. The band’s 2016 tour will be called “Forty and F**k It“, but before that we’re told they’ll be honoring A.J. Pero with two tribute shows in the next few months. The farewell tour will feature the core lineup of Dee, Jay Jay French, Mark Mendoza, and Eddie Ojeda […]

The Agonist – Danse Macabre [VIdeo]

Here below you can watch the new video of The Agonist for the track “Danse Macabre“. The song is from the last album, Eye of Providence, released February 23 for Century Media Records. <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/y1–pTLaVBc&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Skid Row – new singer Tony Harnell (TNT)

The vacancy for a new front man has been filled by powerhouse vocalist Tony Harnell. This news comes hot of the heels of his departure from Norway based band, TNT. “Tony’s experience, power and undeniable range made our decision an easy one” commented guitarist Scotti Hill. Drummer Rob Hammersmith added, “I believe this will be […]

Between The Buried And Me – Listen to “Memory Palace”

Here on SoundCloud you can listen to the song Memory Palace, the new single of Between The Buried And Me which will be part of Coma Ecliptic, the band’s next album to be released on July 7th. /Viktoria Colonna

Huntress – New album-recording done

Huntress has finished recording their new third album with producer Jim Rota. The group said that the album, which will be released within the upcoming months by Napalm Records, will be the heaviest ever made. /Viktoria Colonna

Cut Up signs with Metal Blade

Swedish Death Metallers Cut Up signs with Metal Blade. Their debut album is planned to be released this summer. Drummer Tobias Gustafsson: “I am very happy, proud, honoured and excited to team up with Metal Blade Records once again, this time with CUT UP! Can’t stay away from playing death metal, obviously, so it feels fantastic […]

In Solitude quits

Out of nowhere, the swedish heavy metal band In Solitude from Uppsala has lay down their instruments and decided to put the band to sleep. After 13 years of true service these guys released three high quality albums, ending on a career high note with the fantastic piece “Sister”. The band posted the following on […]


Dynazty + Dragonforce @Debaser Medis Sthlm (Swe)

Dynazty + Dragonforce @Debaser Medis Sthlm (Swe) 04.04.2015  + + + Debaser Medis is one of the center clubs in Stockholm where many rock concerts have been held. This Saturday night was Dragonforce and Dynazty's turn to rock the place as their last date for the Swedish tour. Maybe because of the Easter … [...]



Cain’s Offering – Stormcrow [3.5]

In Stormcrow, second album of Cain’s Offering, we meet strong names. Former Sonata Artica’s Jani Liimatainen (guitars), Timo Kotipelto (vocals) and Jens Johansson (keyboards) from Stratovarius. So my expectations were pretty high on this one. Classic progressive power metal embraced with kind melodies and semi-aggressive riffs. The dynamics are all there. Skillful fast tracks like Constellation of […]

Hypothermia – Svartkonst [3.0]

Hypothermia has been active in the Scandinavian metal scene for over a decade, having assets of a rather rich discography, in which the latter Svartkonst is their fifth full-length album. The music of Hypothermia doesn’t give any feeling of warmth, walking the listener for almost forty minutes through an abstract dialog of metallic sounds, meditative rhythms and dark melodies. You can hear […]

Hardcore Superstar – HCSS [4.5]

With this tenth studio album HCSS, Hardcore Superstar takes you way back where all started. The sound and style are traditional nasty sleaze rock. It opens with a nice attitude embraced Dont Mean Shit maintaining the party mood but more laid back this time. Jocke Berg keeps up through the album with his thorny voice, […]

Apophys – Prime Incursion [2.5]

I don’t intend to write about the back story of this album. It’s for another time when I want to write about the band and what the idea was about their music. This is an album-listening. The impressions of it. Michiel van der Plicht‘s drum technique is the first thing that hits me. This guy […]

Morgoth – Ungod [3.0]

After 19 years of quite a silence, Morgoth is back with the album Ungod and with new singer Karsten Jäger. They jump deep into the classical death metal archive from the 90’s, but with a shot of contemporary music. Groove passages, and traditional riffs with a resemblance to Obituary. I had expected more hunger from Morgoth […]

Barren Earth – On Lonely Towers [4.5]

With their 3rd album Barren Earth is ready to follow the path mixing melodic death, progressive gothic metal with a twirl of doom. This album surprise us with variety of listening through the voluminous tracks which are very metallic and solid. This time more progressive than their previous “The Devil’s Resolve” with still a scent […]

MAЇAK – A Very Pleasant Way To Die [3.5]

If you are into experimental post-rock listening, this is the album for you. MAЇAK composes 5 wide, complex tracks which mix intense melodies, surrounded with raspy, rough tunes. It almost feels metallic to the ear. A bit monotonous with just a light loss of dynamics, the tracks brings you tranquility and are harmonious to hear even if there […]

Sorcerer – In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross [5.0]

It’s really a pleasure to listen to In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross. A mixture of traditional Doom metal and actually classic hard rock. Indeed the singer Anders Engberg has a great voice range, clear and confident with the typical heavy metal long tunes and short vibrato. Within the mysterious melodies through the tracks, […]

TOTO – XIV [3.5]

Nine years have passed since Toto‘s last studio album “Falling In Between”. The long wait made this come back quite a surprise for many out there. XIV has all the characteristics in being a West Coast album. The blending of pop, rock, prog, jazz is all there. The class and elegance continue to preserve an […]

Max Lilja – Morphosis [4.0]

Imagine yourself in a post-apocalyptic world, where almost the entire world has changed, after you have been under earth for many, many years. Finally you escape and you must survive and look forward even if the surroundings are more than dark. The entire album is like a narrative development likewise as for a music transformation. […]

Enforcer – From Beyond [4.5]

It is impossible not to feel nostalgic after listening to “From Beyond“. It takes you right into the 80:s with its noisy rattled speed.These Swedish guys do what they like, and they do it extremely well. With this spontaneity they are capable of hitting with all their songs, no matter who is listening. Because even […]

Pretty Maids – Motherland [4.0]

Denmarks Pretty Maids have been a constant force of heavy metal music all the way since 1981. To be still rocking, as founders Ken Hammer and Ronnie Atkins are, is a remarkable merit. Sure there are a lot of bands that are going on and on, releasing some albums and mostly touring. But Pretty Maids […]

Stryper – Second Coming [3.5]

What better way to celebrate a bands 30th anniversary than to release a record with 14 re-recorded hits from the career (plus two new ones)? For a band like Stryper who had their highest commercial point in the eighties, while still being heavy metal, this is something that is very appreciated. I do know that […]

Officium Triste – Mors Viri [5.0]

Melancholy and sad despair. After 20 years of music Officium Triste includes in their new album Mors Viri what a real doom metal genre should contain: Tragical melodies cross some sort of nostalgic-waiting and roaring grief lullabies. You can name those feelings as what first shows up in your mind. The music mirrows officially dark […]

De La Cruz – Street Level [3.0]

All the way from Australia comes the sleazy melodic rock outfit De La Cruz. In their world the eighties is still around, alive and kicking. With a crisp production of clean drums, harmonized choruses and rough guitars they deliver high octane party rock music without being ashamed of it. It’s not only in the music, […]

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